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Door Closers

TC8800 Concealed Transom Closer

The Axim TC8800 Series – Market leading through durability, an Axim concealed closer is a hidden closing solution held integrally in the door leaf and transom. This means that the door requires no external hardware creating an aesthetically pleasing solution. The correct closing solution is dependent on the door and configuration. To this end, Axim has three power sizes and “no hold” or “hold open” control options in each concealed Transom Closer.

  • Suitable for single and double action doors
  • Extended spindle models
  • 2 valves for closing and latching speed adjustment
  • Preset cushion back-check
  • No hold-open or mechanical hold-open options
  • 3 strengths available: light, medium or heavy duty for door widths up to 1150mm wide and 100 Kg in weight
  • Standard & Anti finger trap package options are available
  • Dummy unit available

TC9600 Concealed Transom Closer

  • All the functionality and features of the TC8800
  • TC96OO offers an extended spindle

TC9900 Universal Concealed Transom Closer

  • Simple solution door closer complementing the TC88OO
  • Offering the functionality of TC88OO
  • Universal replacement unit with fixings
  • Easy quick installation
  • Replace closer without costly door modifications

FC1500 Multi Strength Surface Mounted Closer

  • Tested to EN1154
  • FC1500 has all the functionality of the FC1000 but with added features
  • Multi strength surface mounted closer
  • Adjustable to accommodate a variety of door widths
  • Backcheck can be adjusted to suit application
  • Delayed action available as an option allowing unhindered access particularly useful for Hospitals


Axim Brochure

Axim Technical Manual

Panic Exit Devices

PR7085 Concealed Rod Crash Bar Exit Device

PR7085P Concealed Rod Paddle Exit Device

  • Axim PR7085P is an emergency device installed to the opening jamb
  • Push paddle handle with engraved “PUSH”
  • Compliant to BS EN 179
  • Finished in Satin Chrome
  • Operating paddle handle and lever do not exceed
  • 120 mm x 186 mm projection
  • Standard mortise rim cylinder lock available as option

PR 7095 Rim Mounted Crash Bar Exit Device

  • The Axim PR7095 is a rim mounted horizontal crossbar panic exit device
  • The cross bar is extruded aluminium in a silver satin, dark bronze, green or black anodised finish
  • All housings and lever arms are finished in an abrasive resistant finish to compliment the crossbar anodising
  • The exit devices have nylon bushes for silent operation, with heavy duty lever springs for durable operation of the lever arms
  • Suitable for narrow and wide stile doors
  • Latches can be retracted to allow access with a cylinder key or a concealed screw mechanism
  • All fixings are concealed to ensure an aesthetically pleasing finish. The exit device houses do not exceed
  • 120 x186mm projection
  • Axim range of horizontal cross bars and push bars are compliant to BS EN 1125

PR7095P Rim Mounted Paddle Exit Device

  • The Axim PR7095P is a push paddle panic exit device
  • Rim mounted device with single point lock at the latch
  • Mortise rim cylinder allowing external access
  • Two point locking at the top and bottom of the door
  • Suitable for door widths up to 2135mm
  • 300mm coupling rods available for taller doors
  • Uses both plated and stainless steel components with heavy duty lever spring
  • Internal mechanisms for durable operation

PR7100 Concealed Rod Soft Touch Panic Exit Device

  • The Axim PR7100 is a concealed, vertical rod panic exit device which secures the top and bottom of the door, except during the operating cycle when the rods are retracted with cylinder key or when touch bar is locked down with an Allen key
  • The internal mechanism is manufactured from stainless and plated steel, with 8.5mm diameter steel operating rods that provide a16mm bolt throw
  • Optional external key access also available
  • Axim PR7100 are aesthetically pleasing, handed, horizontal soft touch push bar panic exit devices
  • The push bar is extruded aluminium in an anodised finish with coloured alloy end caps to match
  • The soft touch push bar offers minimal obtrusion with a 66mm projection
  • The devices have plated steel and stainless steel internal components and, for long term durable operation, they have heavy duty internal lever springs

PR7300 Rim Mounted Soft Touch Panic Exit Device

  • The Axim PR7300 is a rim mounted soft touch panic exit device with a single point latch lock
  • Optional external key access
  • Standard model is suitable for doors up to 1155mm wide
  • Option for extra wide doors of up to 1220mm
  • Both the standard and extra wide options can be cut down to suit the application


Bernini Range

Axim Brochure

Axim Technical Manual

Floor Springs

FS6000 Floor Spring – Up to 150kg

The Axim Series of Floor Springs are closing devices that are discreetly installed under the threshold of the door. By installing the closing device into the floor, the mechanism can handle larger, heavier doors and is ideal for high traffic, commercial applications. Due to this support, the floor spring is robust and able to provide greater longevity.

  • FS6000 is a universal floor spring providing a solution for left and right doors
  • FS6000 – Floor Spring – Doors up to 150kg
  • Double action operation available
  • Dependent on the application “no hold” and 90 degree “hold open” available
  • Full hydraulic control
  • Closing range of 180-15 degrees
  • Latching range 15-0 degrees
  • Extended spindle inserts – catering for all door types

FS4000 Floor Spring – Up to 120kg

  • Universal medium floor spring for doors up to 1200mm wide and weight 120kg
  • 2 separate valve screws control closing and latch speeds
  • For various door types differing spindles can be specified
  • Stainless steel cover plates are available
  • Double action operation
  • Comes with a backcheck at 130 degrees

Flush Bolts

FB6000 Series Flush Bolts

The Axim FB6000 series of Flush Bolts includes the FB6300, FB6400, and FB6500 are a range of die-cast zinc alloy in a Silver finish.

For the dimensions of this range please consult the Axim Technical Manual which is available below or via the Literature tab.


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